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Captain's Log

of the USS Jessiprise. XD

Golden Dragon Girl
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(stares at the screen)
I'm Jessi.

I write a webcomic called The Law of Purple at http://dragongirl.comicgenesis.com. I also draw it! XD It is my baby.

I also did the cover for this book. --> http://spellboundnovel.proboards82.com

Eventually I plan to be a truly professional (as in, I get paid for it) comic book writer and artist. One of the other people for whom I am the artist for is my older brother, although none of his scripts are quite ready for production yet. Someday I'd sort of like to find someone willing to do the art for one of my scripts, so I can lean back and do all the easy stuff. (winks) (Actually it's because I'd really get a kick out of one of my stories drawn in someone else's art. I'm a nerd that way.)

I have cats. A lot. And two dogs, and three brothers, and a sister. And parents, too. Can't do without a couple of those.